Hiring the Right Handyman

Quality Handyman Companies

Handyman companies are easy to come by. However, if you are looking for a competent, professional, punctual, handyman that will actually show up to a job when they say they will. Then you need to know what to look for in a handyman company. The best handyman companies will always be as up front as possible with what could or could not be done on any job. Most handyman jobs can be bid or at least given a ball park idea of what costs will involve for jobs. Some situations require either a licensed professional or a much larger contractor to fix, install or renovate your handyman project.

Situations that typically require a licensed professional

Roofing – Roof jobs are interesting. An everyday handyman can do this work, granted they understand tile, shingles, and foam roofs. Patch jobs are not too technical as long as you know how to seal up the area to keep water out. The main problem that arises when a roof area is not properly inspected every year at least once a year. Most large licensed professional roofing companies will suggest redoing the entire roof, or at least a very large roof area, in order to insure the roof will be free from leaks and guarantee the roof for longer than a year. If a patch job is done, then usually the guarantee only lasts about 1 year, with yearly inspections after that. If you have a roof job that needs addressing, I highly suggest you pay a handyman company for an inspection, but definitely hire a licensed roofer if you have any doubts of the results of the inspection.

Large Plumbing jobs-

Large plumbing jobs are not necessarily the size of the plumbing issue that is needed to be addressed, but may be something that requires a large amount of work. For instance we were hired to replace a faucet recently which resulted in 1 of 2 outcomes, either replace just the cartridge with a new one that will last roughly another 20 years, or replace the whole assembly. This would require cutting, installing plates, and sweating copper and replacing all that was there with new hardware including new handles and cartridge etc. Option 1 would’ve been 3x cheaper than option 2. This is one example where if any other major changes were needed, or large lines were needed to be pulled out and replaced, you need to consider calling a licensed plumber.

Gas lines –

These are typically subbed out or simply referred out to a major gas company. The reason with this is that gas leaks can be deadly and sometimes unnoticed if there are any leaks. Some states may simply require a licensed company always handle gas lines and appliances; however, others may be more relaxed in their laws. We always recommend calling a licensed gas company to handle all gas situations.

Major electrical Work-

This is a no brainer, but there are gray areas with electrical work. Since most people can simply Youtube how to do electrical work it is not always thought of as needing a major licensed company. The times we typically recommend calling a licensed professional is when large outlets are being relocated or work is being performed at the breakers to install major lines to the home.